Block Paved Driveways


A Block paving driveway is an ideal addition to set off your home, due to its uniform style and size. As one of the leading block paving companies in and around Bushey, we have years of experience creating different designs, colour schemes and layout styles.

Whether you have a traditional or modern home, a townhouse or country cottage, we have the perfect block paving range to meet your requirements. .

Please contact us to arrange a site visit so that we can offer help. All quotes are offered free and without obligation.

Gravel Driveways


Gravel driveways also require very little maintenance and can have a block border installed to avoid any spillage of stones onto the pathway.
They are often a cheaper yet still attractive alternative to block paving. Driveway gravel does not need to be very deep, however we recommend to use 20mm of gravel on driveways as car tyres can pick up to 10mm of gravel. The beauty of gravel driveways is that they can easily be overlaid in the future with a different surface such as block paving or tarmac; due to the sub-base installation.

Tarmac Driveways


New tarmac driveways are often cheaper and quicker to lay than other driveway products and with advances in the binding materials, it's now much harder wearing.

You can now choose your tarmac in a range of colours such as red, green, blue or traditional black. We can help you design your new driveway with design features like edge stones to create a beautiful frame to your drive. We can also create inlayed patterns with blocks to make your drive really stand out from the crowd.

All work is carried out by our own team, from excavation to installation and finishing. 

Resin Bound Driveways


This system mixes natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin thoroughly together. During this process, each particle of stone is fully covered in resin and laid immediately onto a base, to a smooth permeable finish. The finished depth of a resin bound paving surface varies between 12mm and 24mm - depending on the size and type of stone used and the application (e.g. driveway). Using a resin bound paving system allows us to combine different sizes and colours of stone, offering a wide variety of finishes.

A resin bound system delivers a permeable, durable, accessible, multi-layer surface. Because the finish is smooth there is no loose stone - guaranteed.  

  • Smooth surface, anti slip

  • Permeable - allows water to drain through it

  • No loose stone 

  • Long lasting 

  • Quick to install

  • Environmentally friendly

  • SuDS compliant

  • UV stable - colours will not fade

ACO Drainage


With any driveway installation correct drainage solutions are very important. Every drive we install is fitted with the necessary channels and ACO drainage to ensure water is drained safely away. Adequate drainage is essential for the long life of your driveway.

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