Stump grinding and removal
Description: This process completely removes the stump and its roots by using specialised machinery.
Good For Allowing use of the ground again.

Description: There are normally a number of valid reasons to fell a tree. Either the tree is diseased, dead or has become dangerous and needs to be removed entirely. Sometimes trees need to be removed to make way for new developments.
If space permits this can be accomplished by directional felling. When there is not sufficient space to fell a tree intact, we carry out a controlled 'sectional fell' where the tree is dismantled in sections from the top down.
The sectional felling process is undertaken using lowering ropes, pulleys and friction brakes to safely control every stage of the operation. When each section reaches the ground, our team processes the section for removal.
Good For When a tree is diseased, dead or has become dangerous and needs to be removed entirely.

Description: This involves the trimming of all types of hedges including conifers. We can reduce the height and sides to give a uniformed look. We have a wide variety of equipment and experience to suit all aspects of hedging work.
Good For Maintaining and tidying hedges.

Crown Lifting
Description: Crown lifting involves the removal of any lower branches that may be causing an obstruction. We do this by either removing whole branches or those parts that extend below the desired clear heights to provide clearance under the tree.
Good For Lower tree branches that may be obstructing a footpath, highway or a building.


Crown Thinning
Description: Crown thinning involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branches from throughout the crown to thin the density within the tree crown. The intention being to increase light levels, by allow more light to pass through the tree’s canopy. We will leave the tree with an overall, even density of foliage around a well spaced and balanced branch structure to encourage natural re-growth.
Good For Preventing wind damage. Creating more natural light on your property, garden or lawn etc.

Crown Reduction
Description Crown Reduction involves reducing the overall crown/canopy of the tree by a given amount, usually 20-40%. We would do this by reducing the crown area from the tips of the branches being careful to retain the natural shape of the tree species.
Good For Maintaining over-grown trees.


Description: Pollarding is a tree maintenance technique that can be used to control tree size, e.g. to keep a large, mature tree small. It involves the removal of all limbs back to the main trunk. The tree is then allowed to re-grow after the initial cutting. Pollarding then requires regular re-pruning every 2 to 5 years, and it can result in unique trees that live for a very long time. Different species of trees respond to pollarding differently.Good For Controlling the size of your tree due to restricted soil space or the tree having been planted too close to structures such as buildings, street lighting or electric wires.

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